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Отключал как на американском амазоне так и на японском. Проблема в том что на японском нужно им втолковать что ты не можешь заплатить. Что банк не отправляет деньги за границу. вот чат переписки.

Amazon.co.jp をご利用いただき、ありがとうございます。

お問い合わせ内容: Problems special offers

09:41 AM JST Mori(Amazon): Hello, thank you for contacting Amazon.co.jp.
09:42 AM JST Dmytro: Hello!
I live in Ukraine. My Kindle was a gift for me from my mother! I can’t use your special offers and can’t pay for it! Could you switch off special offers on my Kindle?
Thank you!
09:42 AM JST Mori: I'm sorry, but we are unable to remove ads on any Kindle devices.
09:43 AM JST Dmytro: help with my devis registration
s\n 905A ********
09:45 AM JST Mori: To register it to your JP account, please first deregister it from other Amazon sites such as Amazon.com.
ссылка > Your Devices > Deregister

09:45 AM JST Dmytro: one minutes
09:47 AM JST Mori: Thank you. I've regsitered it to your account. As mentioned in the previous email, we'll be able to remove ads if you could sign up for paid Prime on our site.
09:47 AM JST Dmytro: can’t pay for it
09:48 AM JST Dmytro: I'm from Ukraine
very probably pay, becouse we not have international cradit card
09:49 AM JST Mori: You can use a normal credit card to sing up for Prime.
09:50 AM JST Dmytro: the Bank shall not transfer money abroad
can I do this for free
09:50 AM JST Mori: Transaction will be made in JPY, and it will be processed by your bank automatically.
09:51 AM JST Mori: I'm afraid this is the only way we could offer to remove the ads.
09:51 AM JST Dmytro: already tried not working.
09:51 AM JST Mori: Do you mean you've already tried signing up for Prime?
09:52 AM JST Dmytro: I can't even transfer money to Amazon.com. They did it as an exception since I live in Ukraine
09:54 AM JST Mori: Could you wait for a minute while I look into this for you?
09:54 AM JST Dmytro: yes
10:03 AM JST Mori: Thank you for holding. Considering the situation this time around, I've removed ads on your Kindle.
10:03 AM JST Dmytro: Thank you
10:03 AM JST Mori: Once it's connected to Wi-Fi, it may take about 10 minutes or so until the ads are actually removed on your end.
10:04 AM JST Dmytro: Better of the best
10:04 AM JST Mori: Is there anything else I can do for you today?
10:04 AM JST Dmytro: no thankyou
10:04 AM JST Mori: You'll receive a quick survey after the chat where you can submit your feedback.
Whenever you're ready, please close this chat window. Have a good day!
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